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We encourage you to download the YEP App. Our App comes with a load of features and will let you: 

  • View all the YEP News items

  • View YEP Events and RSVP to them

  • Chat with YEP Directors, Administrative Staff, your District Management Team, Guidance Counselors and Fellow Students.

  • Access the YEP Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube page

  • View and download the latest YEP Newsletter "The YEP Yapper"

  • View and download the YEP Application Form, YEP Calendar, YEP Centers and YEP Participating Schools

  • View YEP Website 

If you are on the District Management Team, the App will allow you to set events for your District, as well as keep a record of your Students' attendance.

Set up team app on tablet

Set up team app on smart phone

Set up team app on laptop

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