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Option 1 - Online Bank Transfer Instructions

Bank: CIBC First Caribbean Bank 

Account Name: Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

Account #: 201695295 

Account Type: Chequing 

Branch: Palmdale 

Branch/Transit #: 09786

(Please specify in bank transfer note the name payment is being made for and purpose of payment)

Option 2 - SunCash or Sand Dollar payment 

Debit, Credit Cards or Vouchers are accepted via SunCash.


Please use link


Please ensure that a copy of payment receipt or voucher is sent to the YEP Office via WhatsApp to 437-3054 immediately once payment is made.


Please ensure that you specify in the notes who the payment is being made for and purpose. 

YEP is a cashless organization. All payments must be made via one of the following options above. 

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