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Our mission is to provide superior service to young people who are our number one priority.


The Youth Empowerment Program will educate, inspire and prepare our participants through a hand on holistic approach through a variety of formal and informal skills training.

At YEP we will prepare and empower our participants through unique and creative ways to compete on a global stage.  YEP will seek out and attract the best, and bring out excellent service, from our Staff, Volunteers, and Directors.

At YEP we will enable our participants to be creative by equipping them with the necessary tools for empowerment. YEP commits to remaining transparent and financially accountable. At YEP we will actively, remain a top competitor and first choice among youth organizations throughout the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” 

Frederick Douglass


To prepare, and empower, Young People to compete on the world stage


To empower young people to fulfill their dreams and maximize their potential.

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