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YEP is an exciting, holistic, skills development and training after school program for High School students between grades 9-12.


The Youth Empowerment Program’s vision is to inspire young people to compete on the world stage.

The Program empowers young people by exposing them to the intricacies and complexities of real life situations. This is done by complete exposure to business skills, college preparatory skills, life skills, entrepreneurship skills, job readiness skills, fine arts and drama, health and fitness programs, business case studies, peer mentorship, adult mentorship, volunteerism, conflict resolution skills, financial literacy skills, spiritual awareness, community service projects and environmental awareness.


The 30 week program runs parallel to the high school calendar.

It is operated out of our District centers, where students meet for 2 hours once per week. Each district has a District Manager who is responsible for the day to day operations of the Center.


Volunteers are selected from the general public who have a passion for youth development.

In each District, students form their unit and select a group name and elect group Officers in a democratic process. Each group will have a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations Director, Sergeant at Arms and Chaplin.

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