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YEP depends on its mentors, who are the glue that keeps our program together.  

Our adult volunteers/ mentors are all professional people from a diverse cross section of the community.


Each volunteer brings to the organization skills, talent and resources that are required for YEP to achieve its overall mission and objectives.


Whilst we have a dedicated group of adult mentors, we are always on the lookout for additional volunteers to train as mentors.  

If you think you have what it takes, please take some time to download and review the Role of a Volunteer on the right of this screen. 

We just require that you have an open mind and come prepared to have fun and an experience no other program can offer.

If you are interested in volunteering as an Executive, Mentor, Junior Mentor, District Manager, Assistant District Manager, PR Team or Risk Management Team, please call us on 242-698-1416 or 242-677-2835 or 437-3054 if you have any questions or email

Once you join, we will vet you and then a District Manager will assign you to a group of students that you will be responsible for mentoring throughout the Program year.

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